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Bicycle Accidents Require Experienced Lawyers

Bicycle Accident Lawyer

You may have noticed in recent years that many communities are responding to climate change by making city streets more bicycle-friendly. In many locales, well-marked bicycle lanes provide a haven for those who are ecologically driven or just want to stay healthy. Bicycle safety equipment and bike construction have also taken some leaps forward. You can gear up a bicycle that is specifically suited for the route you take to work each day. Chances are you’ve even seen bike trailers, in which small children can ride until they are old enough for their own two-wheelers.

Accidents Do Happen

Unfortunately, as a bicycle accident lawyer in Dallas TX from a firm like Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC can explain, you still have to share the road with others. Plus, the road you share might have some hazards. For your safety as well as the safety of others you may be riding with, it is prudent to be aware of the possible dangers you face. Here, in descending order of likelihood, are the main sources of bicycle accidents:

  • Collision with a vehicle. Almost one-third of every bike accident involves a motorized vehicle.
  • Falling. Once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget—but there are momentary lapses when you lose balance.
  • Bad surfaces. Open manholes, unfilled potholes, slick gravel and slicker leaves can sometimes be dangerous.
  • Obstacles. Parked drivers opening their doors is a particular hazard.

Vehicles Must Be Covered

Automobile drivers who experience accidents are fortunate: Before they get behind the wheel they, have to have insurance. Actually, it is the vehicle itself that is covered by insurance. Car insurance is intended to deal with the catastrophic personal injuries a car can cause. Bicycle riders typically are not covered in this way because unlike a three-ton SUV, bicycles simply are not capable of inflicting such harm.

Riders, however, can certainly sustain grievous injuries. Moreover, while auto accidents fall into the category of the familiar, most average citizens know little about bike accidents and the laws that cover them.

There Are Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Should you experience the misfortune of being involved in a bike accident, it is important to know that there are lawyers who specialize in dealing with this. They are able to offer advice about your legal rights, including the right to be reimbursed for pain and suffering as well as financial remedies for the liability of drivers, property owners and inattentive people. Bicycle accident attorneys are available to assist you in the event of a bike accident.

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