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Common PTSD Symptoms

VA PTSD lawyer


Many veterans who qualify for VA benefits suffer from some kind of post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. It can develop after a person goes through a traumatic event. Many veterans who have experienced combat or have been victims of attacks experience PTSD as a result of the incident. Veterans who are suffering from PTSD have a difficult time doing everyday things, as well as maintaining relationships with family and friends. Individuals living with PTSD can qualify for TDIU benefits. Living with PTSD is difficult for many people, and it can disrupt how they go through their life. Veterans diagnosed with PTSD often suffer from the following symptoms. 

Sleep Issues

A common symptom of PTSD is difficulty sleeping. Poor sleep quality can be a result of constant nightmares or trouble falling asleep because of racing thoughts. Restlessness and difficulty sleeping can affect everyday life, making it hard to get through the day or do tasks at work. Inconsistent sleep patterns are also a contributing factor for health issues, which can make a person more vulnerable to illnesses. Fixing sleep due to PTSD may involve treatments like therapy and psychiatric care. 

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety is a common symptom of PTSD. It can be triggered by sudden flashbacks or even doing routine things that can prompt memories of the traumatic event. A person with PTSD may fall into depressive states, causing them to feel detached from the world and have pessimistic or hopeless thoughts. Battling anxiety can take time, and can be treated through behavioral exercises, therapy, and prescribed medication. 

Social Isolation

Veterans who have PTSD may have difficulty integrating back into society. They might isolate themselves and not communicate with family members, friends, and coworkers. A person who was once social may find themselves losing interest in social activities because they do not feel comfortable or do not find as much joy in it as they used to, so they just choose to stay at home. Being socially isolated can worsen other symptoms like anxiety and depression. 

Substance Abuse

People who suffer from PTSD often struggle to process their emotions and reach out to others for support, so instead they turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism. Alcoholism and drug abuse is common among veterans who have signs of PTSD. It can cause a person to have strained relationships with their loved ones or have a hard time going to work or staying employed.

As a VA PTSD lawyer like one at Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law can tell you about, PTSD is a qualifying disability that can allow you to receive VA benefits. PTSD is classified as an anxiety disorder, so if you believe that you are suffering from symptoms, you may want to reach out to a lawyer and find out more about how you can submit a disability claim. You may be eligible for compensation that you are entitled to.

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