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How to Get Money from a Car Accident without a Lawyer

Car Accident Lawyer

So, you have recently been in a car accident and have suffered damage to your vehicle or your person. You wish to recover some amount of money in order to remedy your damages, but you do not want to involve a lawyer. It is possible to get a favorable settlement without ever involving a lawyer, however the process is complex and involves many moving parts. You will need to be well prepared and know what to expect walking in. Going into negotiations, your goal should be to receive a fair settlement. If you begin negotiations with the expectation that you will receive a huge settlement that far exceeds your actual damages you will likely be disappointed.

The first thing you will need to do is evaluate the extent of your damages. You will need to know exactly what damages you have suffered including damage to your vehicle, injuries you have suffered, expenses you have incurred since the accident, and even lost income from work you have missed. If you will be unable to work in the future, you may be able to factor that into your damages as well. Calculating your damages will likely be one of the most difficult parts of obtaining a settlement without a lawyer. Since there are so many things you may want to include, you will need to be very diligent in documenting anything you think you may need related to your claim. It is common for people to include every little thing they can think of in their initial demand, even if this leads to a very high settlement number. Having a very high number is okay as long as you are willing to negotiate. You may also benefit from speaking with your insurance adjuster to find out what they are willing to cover after you have filled your claim as this will give you an idea of their starting point.

The next thing you will want to do is create what is known as a demand letter. A demand letter is a letter detailing your damages. This letter will typically explain why the insurance company’s initial offer is too low. You will need to explain the extent of your injuries and associate them with actual numbers whenever possible. You should show why the other driver is at fault and why they should be responsible for expenses that arose after the accident occurred in addition to expenses directly caused by the accident. Once the insurance company receives your letter, you should expect to receive a counter offer.

There are many factors you should consider when deciding to accept or decline the counter offer. Some pros of accepting a settlement offer include: avoiding high litigation costs, avoiding the risk a judge or jury may decide to give you nothing, and being able to move on. On the flip side, if you accept the offer it is very possible it will not cover everything you asked for in your demand and you may not get quite as a large of settlement as you feel you deserve. If you chose to decline the settlement and go to court, you should research the types of settlements received by other drivers in similar situations, this will give you an idea of what to expect. If you decide to proceed after having done your research, you will need to file a personal injury lawsuit in court. After your case is heard, all that is left to do is await a decision.

Personal injury cases can get very complicated, so while it is possible to represent yourself and get some money, it may not always be the best idea. Consulting with an experienced Car accident lawyer in Dallas, TX, like the office of Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC, can save you a lot of time and heartache, but ultimately you must decide what is right for your situation.

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