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What Are Common Wrongful Death Scenarios?

The loss of a loved one after a terrible accident is one of the most difficult things that you can experience. If the cause of their death may have involved the negligent actions of an individual or employer, it only causes more pain for the family. With the help of a reliable and skilled lawyer, you can pursue the individual responsible so you can get justice for your loved one. It cannot bring your loved one back, but obtaining deserved compensation can alleviate the pain you and your family are going through. If you would like legal assistance, schedule a consultation with a seasoned wrongful death lawyer like one from Ward & Ward Law Firm

While it applies to a range of different scenarios, not every kind of fatal accident can be eligible for a wrongful death case. The following are examples of common scenarios that they may handle. 

Vehicle Accident

There are tens of thousands of fatalities from car, truck and motorcycle accidents in the U.S. that occur each year. Vehicle accidents occur for a variety of reasons, such as distracted driving, reckless driving, weather conditions, manufacturer defects, sleepiness and more. 

Slip and Fall

Slip, trip and fall accidents are common among wrongful death cases. After a slip and fall, victims can fall and hit their head on the pavement. A property owner or manager of a building is responsible for ensuring that any visitors in or near their premises are safe. They must constantly inspect their premises for any hazards, such as spilled liquids, slippery surfaces, and exposed wires. 

Construction Accident 

The construction industry is one of the most high-risk industries that anyone can work in. Workers may fall from great heights, get trapped between heavy machinery, or get struck by large, heavy objects. If a worker dies because their employer did not take the proper precautions to make the construction site safe, the victim’s family can pursue them by filing a wrongful death lawsuit.  

Medical Malpractice

A family member can file a wrongful death claim if their loved one died after suffering an injury or complications that they believe was directly caused by the negligence or misconduct of a medical professional. Some common types of medical malpractice claims are misdiagnoses, delayed treatment, birth injuries and brain injuries. 

To learn more about your legal options so you can seek justice for your loved one, schedule a consultation with a trusted wrongful death lawyer today. 

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Client Testimonials

As a disabled claimant, I can’t thank Hurwitz, Whitcher & Molloy enough for guiding me through these past fourteen years. No one else wanted my Workers’ Compensation case. No one! It was complicated. There were a lot of issues that made things difficult. They stuck with it well over a decade with preparedness, intelligence and grace. Mister Melvyn, he’s a good guy. Cathy, she’s so amazing.

- Salli B.

I became a client of the Hurwitz firm in May of 1997 due to injuries I received while I was a meat cutter at I. Isenberg Meats in Buffalo, New York. Since my first encounter with your firm and up until the present day, I have been entirely satisfied with the way your firm has treated me.

- William C.

Thank you for all you do throughout the year. I know I’m in the hands of the best compensation lawyers who really care!! God bless you all.

- Michelle A.

If you are injured at work and need a workers’ comp attorney, you need Hurwitz, Whitcher & Molloy. They are the ‘King Pins’ of all comp attorneys. You will be taken care of every step of the way. I am a very satisfied client!

- Richard B.