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Buffalo Workplace Injury Lawyer

If you have taken a fall, or been hurt during work, you should contact a workplace injury lawyer in Buffalo, NY. In modern society, most people hold jobs in order to maintain a lifestyle and home. A 40 hour work week is generally accepted by adults and businesses, and tends to be a standard expectation. In traditional employment, one does their daily tasks while at a jobsite such as an office or market, or at a temporary site for construction and contracts. With so much time spent working, it is conceivable that injuries may occur.

The reality is that workplace injuries are extremely common in all fields. Most people spend little time thinking about the frequency of injuries in the workplace until they suffer physical damage. Fortunately,the lawyers at Hurwitz, Whitcher, & Malloy have spent years thinking about just such concerns and have the experience to aid your quest for restitution. 

Many standards and practices are in place to prevent injuries from happening. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was founded in 1971 with the goal of training workers in both general, and specific field safety. These training modules are informative and thorough, and provide common sense guidelines to prevent injuries from occurring. Injuries commonly happen as a direct result of either the business or the employee neglecting the safety training taught by institutions like OSHA.

Worker’s compensation is a type of business insurance which exists for the benefit of people who are injured while on the job, or as a direct result of it. From common slip and fall claims, to a back injury from lifting heavy objects, to far more gruesome assertions, worker’s compensation is intended to cover medical expenses of the employee. A Buffalo workplace injury lawyer can assist you with filing a claim of this type. 

Even attempting to keep an environment clean can lead to falls and sprains. Freshly mopped floors may not be marked with caution signage. Wet floors cause people to slip. In some industries, the expectation of wet floors is quite high at any given time. Restaurants, for example, tend to require staff to wear non-slip footwear almost across the board. Floors are constantly attacked by spilled food and drink, from both guests and staff. Cooking hot food sends microparticles of grease or oil into the air, which settle on surfaces and create a hazard when not cleaned very often. 

Some business owners may attempt to coerce you to get back to work after what is a relatively minor injury, hoping that you do not report it or file a claim. As a lawyer at Hurwitz, Whitcher, & Malloy will tell you, you have rights and it is within them to report any injuries sustained within the work environment to the proper authorities. You probably did not begin your career search with intent to sustain personal damage at work, and there are practices in place to attempt to make reparations for your injury. 

If you have been injured at work, it is highly advisable to visit a medical professional. What appears originally to be a minor injury may result in long term damage or be worse than it appears. When you have received a diagnosis, contact a seasoned workplace injury lawyer in Buffalo, NY. They will assist you with a claim and attempt to negotiate fair settlement with the employer. If this fails, the lawyer can help you to make a plea for your denied claim, and will advocate for you in court to guarantee that your case is heard. 

Workplace injuries are not something that should be expected, or taken lightly. As an employee, you have rights, and your chances at success increase when you reach out to a Buffalo workplace injury lawyer.

Client Testimonials

As a disabled claimant, I can’t thank Hurwitz, Whitcher & Molloy enough for guiding me through these past fourteen years. No one else wanted my Workers’ Compensation case. No one! It was complicated. There were a lot of issues that made things difficult. They stuck with it well over a decade with preparedness, intelligence and grace. Mister Melvyn, he’s a good guy. Cathy, she’s so amazing.

- Salli B.

I became a client of the Hurwitz firm in May of 1997 due to injuries I received while I was a meat cutter at I. Isenberg Meats in Buffalo, New York. Since my first encounter with your firm and up until the present day, I have been entirely satisfied with the way your firm has treated me.

- William C.

Thank you for all you do throughout the year. I know I’m in the hands of the best compensation lawyers who really care!! God bless you all.

- Michelle A.

If you are injured at work and need a workers’ comp attorney, you need Hurwitz, Whitcher & Molloy. They are the ‘King Pins’ of all comp attorneys. You will be taken care of every step of the way. I am a very satisfied client!

- Richard B.