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What a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Provide

Workers’ Compensation Attorney

A workers’ compensation attorney helps clients with workers compensation cases and is highly familiar with the laws and procedures involved. These legal professionals specialize in handling claims related to workplace injuries and are well-versed in the complex laws and regulations governing workers’ compensation.

Knowledge of Workers’ Compensation Laws

Workers’ compensation laws vary by jurisdiction, and they can be intricate and challenging to understand. A workers’ compensation attorney possesses in-depth knowledge of these laws and stays up to date with any changes or amendments. They will be able to help you throughout each part of the process so that you understand your legal rights and entitlements. 

Maximizing Benefits

Some of the benefits of workers compensation are medical expenses, missed wages and costs related to rehabilitation. A skilled attorney will assess your case’s specific circumstances and work diligently to maximize your benefits. They can help you gather and present evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Handling Complex Claims

Some workers’ compensation claims can be complex, especially those involving pre-existing conditions, occupational diseases, or disputed liability. A skilled workers compensation attorney like one from Cohen & Cohen has a large amount of legal experience so that they can address and handle such complexities. They will investigate the circumstances surrounding your injury, gather supporting evidence, and build a strong case to increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

Appeals and Disputes

In the unfortunate event that your workers’ compensation claim is denied or disputed by your employer or their insurance company, an attorney can guide you through the appeals process. They will help you understand your options, file necessary paperwork, and represent your interests during hearings or negotiations. With their knowledge, they can drastically improve your chances of success. 

Employer Retaliation Protection

In some cases, when an employee files a workers’ compensation claim, their employer may respond with acts of retaliation, such as demotion, termination, or harassment. Consulting with an attorney can help you get the protection you need from retaliation. They will ensure that your rights are safeguarded, represent you in any legal proceedings related to retaliation, and pursue appropriate legal action if necessary. By having a knowledgeable advocate by your side, you can feel confident that your employer’s attempts to punish you for seeking rightful compensation will be addressed and resolved effectively. 

Consulting with a workers’ compensation attorney is advisable in several situations. If your claim has been denied or disputed by your employer or insurance company, an attorney can help you navigate the appeals process and fight for your rights. If your injury is severe and has resulted in long-term disability or permanent impairment, an attorney can assist you in securing the maximum benefits available to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs. You may be able to seek legal assistance if you believe that your employer retaliated against you for filing a workers compensation claim. 

By hiring a workers’ compensation attorney, you gain a knowledgeable advocate who will guide you through the legal proceedings, negotiate with insurance companies, gather evidence, and build a strong case on your behalf. Their specialized knowledge will help you achieve the fair compensation that you are looking for, so schedule a consultation with an attorney now.

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Client Testimonials

As a disabled claimant, I can’t thank Hurwitz, Whitcher & Molloy enough for guiding me through these past fourteen years. No one else wanted my Workers’ Compensation case. No one! It was complicated. There were a lot of issues that made things difficult. They stuck with it well over a decade with preparedness, intelligence and grace. Mister Melvyn, he’s a good guy. Cathy, she’s so amazing.

- Salli B.

I became a client of the Hurwitz firm in May of 1997 due to injuries I received while I was a meat cutter at I. Isenberg Meats in Buffalo, New York. Since my first encounter with your firm and up until the present day, I have been entirely satisfied with the way your firm has treated me.

- William C.

Thank you for all you do throughout the year. I know I’m in the hands of the best compensation lawyers who really care!! God bless you all.

- Michelle A.

If you are injured at work and need a workers’ comp attorney, you need Hurwitz, Whitcher & Molloy. They are the ‘King Pins’ of all comp attorneys. You will be taken care of every step of the way. I am a very satisfied client!

- Richard B.